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Anastasia Baczynskyj




Executive Director

Anastasia has 17 years of experience working with children and Young adults. From teaching High School in France (DOM) to developing youth leadership programs in Canada, to working with vulnerable children in Ukraine, she has gained deep knowledge and insight into best practices when working with people of all ages. She has developed a reputation for excellence through her work and has designed numerous cultural and educational programs for children and youth. Anastasia has a long history of activism in the Ukrainian Canadian community and is proud of her role in developing the philosophy and pedagogy of PYAT. She loves books and the sound of children’s laughter.

Graduation and degrees

  • Education
    Master of Arts (OISE - University of Toronto)
  • Experience
    17 years

Education, Experience and Talents

Specialist Certificate in Immigration, Ethnicity, and Pluralism Studies (University of Toronto, Dept. of Sociology)

Hon. Bachelor of Arts (Dean's List) (Linguistics - University of Toronto).

Chair - UNF Rare Book Collection and Archives.

Juno Awards -(Nomination)- Lemon Bucket Orkestra